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Knowing your water heaters

Last Updated: May 27, 2014 01:40PM SGT
“ I can’t wait to head home for a shower!” Rings a bell? Taking a hot relaxing shower has become the highlight of many people’s daily routine at home. Although it is known to many that cold showers are highly beneficial to us, taking a hot shower have its pros as well, as long as you keep your shower within 10 minutes.
A hot shower is able to warm your body up on a cold morning and allow you to relax after a workout. Hot steam can moisturize your nasal passages, reliving your from your cold. With a powerful showerhead, hot water is also able to sooth your stiff muscles and neck, hence calm your nerves before you sleep.


How does your water heater works?

The mechanics behind your water heater is easy to understand, but by no means simple. There are two types of water heater- the more traditional storage water heater and the more recent instant water heater, which is also known as “on demand” water heater. The current storage water heater retain the idea from traditional water heater system, which operates with a huge water tank, which the new tankless systems is built to heat incoming water as and when we need it.

In Singapore, we mainly use electric instant water heater or storage tank. Instant water heaters are quipped with flow sensors that will activate when we turn on our heater switch. When we on our shower tap, cold water enters the instant heater through the inlet and circulates through a high resistant heating element. Through a negative feedback loop, the heating element will be heated up via electrical heating, indirectly heating the water and bringing it up to the targeted temperature. Water will then exit through the instant heater outlet and is transferred to our showerhead.

On the other hand, storage water heaters store cold water inside the tank, and when we turn our heater switch on, it will automatically trigger the heater sensor and heat up the heating element via electrical heating, indirectly heating the cold water inside to the indicated temperature.

Here is a video that briefly illustrates to you the many different types of water heater that can be found in the market:

Through this blog, you will gather many interesting facts about water heater and showering, as well as information on a whole range of water heaters and storage heaters that our store, www.estore.com.sg offers! We will feature the difference between different products among and within brands, and how their differences may affect your lifestyle in the near future. This would be highly useful for you in your choice of choosing the best shower heater for your home that would be affordable, long lasting and efficient!

Keep a lookout for our next blogpost, where we will be featuring a whole range of instant shower heater from 707 My Family Heater! Their heaters has always been known for their great harmonizing between modern stylish design as well as excellent functionality and features. The brand was also the winner of Singapore Prestige Brand Award 2010. So do keep in view to know more about their products!


Ending Tip of the Day

Other than providing you with more complete information and knowledge about water heaters, Estore, as one of the fastest growing online DIY store in Singapore would definitely want to promote our message of encouraging you to DIY your materials! Here is the link to a simple tutorial that you can easily follow to make a scrub for exfoliating your skin during a warm relaxing shower!
Link: http://soapdelinews.com/2013/05/handmade-foaming-salt-scrub-diy.html 

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