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How does a Storage Heater Tank work?

Last Updated: May 27, 2014 01:39PM SGT

How does a Water Storage Tank work?

Water Storage Tanks, as suggested by its name, works by storing cold water in the tank, until it is activated by the heater to heat up the water inside to a stipulated temperature. Most home water storage heaters are able to hold up to 25L of cold water. The heating procedures works similarly to how instant water heater works- a heating element is attached to the storage tank, which is usually made of metallic material such as titanium. Once the heater is activated, it will heat up the heating element via electric heating, hence transferring the heat to the cold water as well.

This video below will explain to you in detail about how a storage heater works, so feel free to check it out!
(Forward to 1:40!)


For Champs Storage Tank, the water will be heated up up to 75 degree. after which, the heating element will automatically be cut off to prevent overheating of the water and allow the water to cool.Once the water cools to 20 degrees, the heating element will be reactivated (as long as your heater is still switched on) and the entire heating process will repeat itself.

Champs produce both Vertical and Horizontal Storage Tanks, but Estore Singapore will be featuring their horizontal tanks in this blogpost!

Storage VS Instant Heater 

Now, you might be curious to know- what are the differences between the water storage heater and the instant water heater?

Firstly, it is obvious that in order to store that much of water, the storage tank will hold up a much larger space than the instant water heater. Hence, most household will choose to purchase a huge water storage heater only if their house is large enough, or if they are want to connect the single storage tank to many different bathrooms or water points of the house.

Apart from the size, a household having a storage water tank will require 2 taps in the shower and all water points to control the cold and hot water output individually. This is so as water coming out of the  storage water heater outlet would be too hot for the human skin. Hence, another tap that controls the cold water would be required to bring the hot water to a suitable temperature. While some may think that this is a troublesome process, others prefer this method as they will have full control over the temperature of the water, as opposed to the instant heater which only has a range of specific temperature to choose from.

Lastly, it is obvious that hot water from the storage tank will deplete when we are bathing, allowing the cold water to enter the storage tank in order to be heated up again. As time is needed for the water to reheat, one will realised that the water will slowly turn less hot if she were to , cold water will then enter into the storage tank. Because it will take time for the water to reheat, one will realise the water turning not as hot as before if she were to take a really long shower. However, don't be too worry about this- unless you are the 7th consecutive person entering the bathing room to shower, you will probably not face this problem!

Advantages of storage heater

Storage heater has many advantages as well. As seen in the video above, these are the brief advantages following a storage heater
  • Fast and Easy installation
  • Long lasting and little need for maintenance
  • Able to connect to the entire household for hot water use
  • Able to keep water warm for hours, hence saving on your electrical bills. 

In the following post, Estore Singapore will be introducing you 2 different models of storage heater tank from the Champs Shower In Style series. They are highly similar in their functionality, except for certain exterior features. So keep a look out for the post if you want to know more about the models!

Ending DIY Tip of The Day

In today's DIY tip of the day, Estore Singapore will be introducing to you the making of soap balls! Soap balls are small and handy, and when made small, it will be used up in 4 to 5 baths! In this way, you would not have to worry that you soap bar stays too long in your bathroom and getting the surface of it unclean. Besides, Soap balls are super adorable, and you can even mix different soap flavours together for a more fragrant bath!

These soap balls will make a great gift for your friends and family when you put them in a large glass jar as well!

Check out how to make cool soap balls here!

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