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Choosing the right showerhead

Last Updated: May 27, 2014 01:38PM SGT
When it comes to showering, everything little detail plays a part. That's why manufacturers and producers try to produce not only the best instant or storage tank with the best material and features, but also try to produce superb bathroom accessories as well!

Bathroom accessories includes the soapbar holder, water inlet and outlet hose, shower head stand, and of course, the most important of all, the shower head.

A perfect shower will definitely not be completed without a good shower head. The shower head completes your shower experience by allowing the water with the correct temperature to hit on your body with the pressure most suited to you.

Shower heads are connected to the outlet of the heater, and can be installed personally in a matter of minutes. There are 2 main types of shower head, namely the "screw-on" shower head and the "hand-held" shower head. "Screw-on" shower heads are more traditional, but generally have lesser functions than "hand-held" shower heads.

Screw-on shower heads are convenient and excellent for a bathroom with small space as it does not have long hose attached to it that may be dangling around. Screw-on shower heads are highly suited for people who like softer water hitting on their body. This is so as water will have to travel a longer way down before it hits your body, hence it appears to be softer. The main problem with most screw-on shower heads however, is its lack of functionality in terms of water type as well as the problem of leakage.

Hand-held shower heads were first invented for the disabled and people who are unable to stand up for an extended period of time. Compared to the screw-on shower head, an individual is able to have much greater control over the hand-held shower head. using their hands to move the shower head to wash specific parts of the body instead of shifting around with their body. Of course, today, disabled people aren't the only people using hand-held shower heads. Other than greater control, many people prefer hand-held shower heads because they generally have more functions. One can adjust the spray on the shower head and decide whether he wants a "regular" shower or something that is more "therapeutic".

Typically, there is a selector at the side of the shower head that allows you to pick the type of spray that suits you best. There are usually about 4 different types of spray, and our 707 My Family Heater shower heads mostly comes in 5 different functions.
707 My Family Heater- Compact, Alpine, Protek 
Different types of spray available for a typical hand-held shower head

One newest function that the hand-held shower head has is the "rain" type shower head. This function was once only available with professional installation, as they generally require a bigger and heavier shower head. The rain hand-held shower head, is now however, easily available. The spray of the shower head mimics rain, producing larger amount of soft water that hits most parts of your body. This type of shower head is becoming increasingly popular, hence it now comes in many different designs, varying from shapes like square tiles to round disks and even the newest donut shape that can be found together with Estore's 707 My Family Heater Princeton's series.
Traditional Rain Shower Head 
My Family Heater Princeton's Series 
In addition, Estore Singapore would like to open you up to the world of shower heads. Today, there are other options for those of you who want to go beyond the regular 2 categories of shower heads. These shower heads however, will probably need professional installation. 
One of the newest and more unique options available in the market is the inverted shower head. The shower head is installed underneath the individual. When he presses the activating button, water will come up from underneath instead of traditionally from above. Inverted shower heads however, are not easy to get used to and one can hardly find it in Singapore.

Next, if your shower space is enclosed and large enough, a side water jet that spray water from the side might be an option that you will want to look out for. With a side water jet type of shower head, you will be covered in all directions. This is especially refreshing for people who comes home from a long day at work. 
Ultimately, the type of shower head that you want to purchase will have to depend on your needs, preference and budget. Professional installation may mount up to a high amount, especially for complicated shower heads like the side water jet and inverted shower head. Hence if you are on a tight budget, a traditional screw-on shower head or hand-held shower head may be enough to serve you well for a long time! 

Ending DIY Tip of the Day 

As much as Estore Singapore offers a wide range of shower head for you to choose from, we would like to share with you this highly innovative DIY shower head!

This cool idea might not be the most ideal shower head that you may have, but it is definitely good as a cost saving water spa!!! Just remember to turn the holes facing the floor after your bath or you may have a face full of spray the next time you turn it on! You might even use this idea for watering your garden as well!

Click here for a step by step guide on how to make this shower spa!

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