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How often should you bathe?

Last Updated: May 27, 2014 01:34PM SGT
Estore Singapore has so far introduced you to many different types of shower heater as well as bathing accessories. However, do you know how often you should shower everyday, and the benefits that you will gain from bathing? Do not underestimate the power and importance of this simple activity. This week, we will be featuring the benefits of bathing and showering.

How often should you bath? 

How often you shower is actually a personal choice, and of course influenced by social and cultural differences between each country as well. Different countries hold different views on personal hygiene and body aroma, and there is definitely no "right" or "wrong" for an individual's own perspective. Here are some of the factors that may affect how often a person bath

1. Living Standards

Living standards is definitely one of the most important factor that will determine whether bathing should be a priority for a family. Many third world countries face the problem of scarcity of clean water, and families would rather use the precious limited amount of water they have for consumption, cooking and agriculture. In these countries, hygiene may not be as high as a priority as food and shelter.

On the other hand, people living in richer countries with higher living standards such as America are able to afford multiple baths a day, and even enjoy the luxury of spa or having a bubble bath. Hence, the people will definitely shower more often then those living in countries with poorer conditions.

2. Country's Tradition 

Besides that, a country's traditional perspective of cleanliness also plays a part in determining a person's bathing habits. For instance, Americans and Singaporeans are very smell-conscious and cleanliness-oriented. Hence, showering daily and smelling good can actually leave a good impression for others.

Other countries such as Japan tend to be obsessive about hygiene! A typical Japanese will bathe at least twice a day, and most families will even have a bathing schedule!

3. Weather 

It is not uncommon to see people bathing more often during summer, as compared to during winter. People living in tropical aka all-year-summer countries such as Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand should bath at least once a day, but no more than 4 times. This is so as by showering too often, we may actually strip the oil from out skin and also wash away the goof bacteria that stops us from picking up many different infections or diseases. If you really need a shower because you are dripping with sweat however, try rinsing yourself with just water instead of rubbing your entire body with soap instead!.

On the other hand, people may choose to bathe once every 2 or 3 days during the winter season because they might have stayed home all day and did not sweat at all.

4. Other Personal factors. 
Lastly, personal preference and factors will obviously play a huge part in determining his bathing habits as well. If an individual is easily influenced by other's opinion, he or she may want to keep himself clean more often to get rid of any possible odor.

The skin does not smell, so as long as an individual washes his joint areas as well as the underarm, crotch area and soles of the feet, it is most likely that they would not smell.

Bathing or showering infrequently is by no means harmful, as long as you use water that is clean so that it will prevent any infection. However, Estore Singapore believes that it is highly important for you to know that good hygiene will promote health and prevent diseases.

Ending DIY Tip of the Day 

Remember the interesting Water Wally Shower Dance we posted before in our ending DIY tip of the day?  In today's ending DIY Tip of the Day, Estore Singapore would like to feature this green warrior that can remind you to save the amount of water you are using! 


This shower curtain slowly inflates around you while you are showering. It works via absorbing the water vapour from your tap! Hence, the longer you leave your tap on, the faster it will inflate!

This interesting and meaningful design by Elisabeth Buecher is meant to serve as a wake up call for people and remind them that they should do their part in saving the planet and to use lesser amount of water instead. 


Check out their website link here for more information about this green warrior shower curtain! 

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