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Introduction to Safety Eyewear

Last Updated: May 27, 2014 01:30PM SGT
Hello everyone! Welcome to the first installment of the introduction to safety glasses. I know some of you might find it redundant to wear safety glasses and like duh, some of these glasses are just so uncomfortable
However, did you know most eye injuries and blindness are a result of deprived protection to the eye? I cannot emphasize how important it is to wear safety glasses. YOU ONLY HAVE ONE PAIR OF EYES!!
Safety glasses are usually made with shatter-resistant plastic lenses to protect the eye from flying debris. The safety lenses may be constructed from a variety of materials of various impact resistance, and usually maintain a minimum 1 millimeter thickness at the thinnest point, regardless of material. The level of protection they provide may vary.
Wearing glasses? Fret not.
Some safety glasses are designed to fit over normal glasses or sunglasses. They may provide less eye protection than goggles or other forms of eye protection, but their lightweight increases the likelihood that they will actually be used. Modern safety glasses tend to be given a more stylish design in order to encourage their use.
This on the left (KY213) has universal soft nose pads to provide ultimate comfort. Its lenses are made ofhigh impact resistant polycarbonate lenses and armed with anti scratch high coating to protect your eyes from any debris of small pieces of wood and metal flying into your eyes. It’s also available in clear, amber, smoke and silver lenses.
This chic and sunglass design (KY733) is really cool, I thought. It’s super lightweight and has adjustable nose pads. It can even block out 99.9% of UV radiation, adding even more protection for your eyes. You can wear it as a pair of normal sunglasses as well!
Now this (KY8813A) is my personal favourite. It’s rimless and sporty with soft and comfortable temple pads to provide maximum comfort. It only weighs 24g, as though you aren’t wearing anything at all!
Whatever it is, please, please, please, put on safety glasses whenever necessary. It’s really affordable and you could easily get them at http://www.estore.com.sg/safety-eyewear-c-173.html

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