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Aedes Mosquito Life Cycle and Anti-mozzie Products

Last Updated: May 27, 2014 12:21PM SGT
How Does MMF Product work to prevent the spread of Dengue?
Let us look the life cycle of Aedes Mosquito first.
Fig 1: Life cycle of Aedes Mosquito. Image from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Accessed on 06 June 2013.
In prevention of mosquito breeding process, it is easier to destroy their nesting area (water) and target them when they are in larvae or pupae (in water). When mosquito reaches adult stage, the Aedes mosquito will be conquering the air and it will be harder to eliminate them. The female Aedes mosquito will be looking for bloody meal to obtain sufficient protein from nutrients-rich blood to develop its egg. It requires 3 days after the bloody feast to lay around 100 eggs per time and up to 3 times in approximately 2 weeks of its lifespan in the nature. These eggs remain dormant in dry condition seeking for an optimal condition to be hatched into larva within 24 hours.
MMF Mosquito Products
It is crucial to check of possible mosquito breeding areas and hard-to-reach or easily-forgotten areas. When time is running out for everyone, you can always rely on MMF Mosquito Product to keep these areas in check every minute up to 30days to keep your family safe. 

MMF Mosquito Block employed sustained release technology and continuously releases of MMF liquid for up to 30 days. It develops sticky outer layer in water to enable it to stick to water base, after 30 minutes, to prevent it from being wash away. It is suitable to be used for rooftop gutters, drains, toilet bowl, construction sites, fish pond, water retention area, undesired depression of ground, potential flooding area and for any areas designated for frequent wet activities that require to be monitored.  It can cover large areas effectively and efficiently by toss mosquito blocks over uniform spacing of less than 10m apart.
Similar to functions of MMF Mosquito Block, MMF Mosquito Granules provide flexibility to alter its application dosage according to the water surface area desired to be covered. It is especially useful for small water retention areas, such as tree hole, HDB bamboo hole, flower pot, tyres, fish tank, other water holding container and hard-to-reach area. 

For short-term control of up to 14days, MMF Mosquito Liquid spray can be used. Although it has to be re-applied after rain, it serves as a strong resilient protection layer on hard-to-reach areas, such as small gaps and cracks on the floor and wall.

The three products mentioned above are non-toxic to mammals, birds and fishes. It is safe and effective for home use. Most importantly, it breaks the life cycle of Aedes mosquito by targeting it at the crucial stages of its development in the water. Adult mosquito may die in contact with the MMF liquid.
Why should we use Anti-mozzie products ?
Adult Aedes mosquito is the vector for transmitting diseases, such as Dengue, when they feast on human host. It takes around 7 days (extrinsic incubation period) for an Aedes mosquito to be infective after biting a human carry the Dengue virus. In the air terrain, there will be no barrier to restrict or contain these infective mosquitos and anyone can be a victim of Dengue. In order to protect our love ones from diseases, we should do the 3 steps of Mozzie Wipe-out suggested by NEA around the year and not limited to rainy season or peak period of Dengue cases. A combined community effort is essential to keep Aedes mosquito and Dengue in check.
Let’s do our part to keep our community safe and disease-free!
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