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The different types of ladders available in Singapore

Last Updated: May 27, 2014 12:19PM SGT
The first question to ask yourself when buying a ladder: What is the ladder for?

Just like any other hardware tool, ladders come in all sorts of sizes and functionalities catered to different targeted usage. Choosing the right ladder catered to your needs is the first step in ensuring efficient use of the product, and your personal safety. Here, we hope you can find the perfect match between our ladders and your construction or repairs needs! There are 3 main types of ladders targeted for different usages – Industrial, Domestic, and fiberglass ladders. Knowing the differences between these 3 types of ladder will aid you in making a more informed decision when visiting our online store!

Industrial Ladders

Industrial ladders are catered for usage in areas like warehouses or SOHOs. Deeper considerations have to be taken, for example, 1. the weight/amount of equipment that the user have to carry while on the ladder(different duty ratings) 2. the environment the ladder is used in Industrial ladders tend have higher working heights to allow users to be able to reach the higher ceilings in industrial warehouses and buildings.  

Fiberglass Ladders 

Fiberglass ladders, as the name suggests, is made of fiberglass. Such ladders are particularly popular with buyers who require using a ladder in an environment that contains a lot of wiring and high voltage/current. This is due to the nature of fiberglass, which doesn’t conduct electricity. Hence, such ladders are suitable for use in industries like electrical works as it acts as an insulator.

Domestic Ladders 

Domestic ladders are mainly used inside the house for simple household maintenance and repair work. Such ladders usually come in shorter working heights since they are mostly used at homes. Ease of usage is an important feature in such ladders since in usual cases, family members are the ones that uses them to carry out maintenance in the house.
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